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ICT is a rapidly growing, vibrant company that provides performance products to chemical and related industries. We specialize in surface modification chemistry; providing innovative polymers and surfactants to the chemical industry.
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ICT: a market leader in Fluorosurfactants

Fluorosurfactants are a class of specialty surfactants that have found increasing use in industries where improved levels of performance are sought. While expensive on a per pound basis, their low use rates often make them the most cost effective way to reach your performance requirements, even when traditional surfactants will function. And our new, short chain Thetawet offerings provide all the performance of the prior, longer-chain technologies, routinely in an environmentally-preferred “zero VOC” formula.

In cleaning applications, these products do not emulsify dirt and oils to remove them, but when added in ppm levels to the cleaners that do, they can significantly improve their performance by allowing them to penetrate deeper and wet out low energy to clean surfaces that have proven to be hard to clean. In floor and automotive polishes, fluorosurfactants improve the wetting and penetration of the cleaner, while at the same time resulting in a smoother, more level coating of the polish itself. If you are careful to choose the right product offering, it can dramatically boost the foaming of cleaning formulations.

In coating applications, fluorosurfactants are known for allowing water-based coatings to overcome many limitations, including the inability to wet out low energy plastics, improvements in open-time and block resistance of architectural paints, better uniformity of coverage in super-thin coatings such as industrial “flash-rust” primers, and the elimination of surface defects in coatings caused by trying to coat oil-contaminated surfaces. They’ve even been found to improve the adhesion of a coating to a substrate when the poor adhesion was the result of the failure of the coating to adequately wet and penetrate into the substrate being coated.

Finally, unlike traditional surfactants, their chemical and thermal stability lend themselves to perform in harsh environments where other surfactants just aren’t stable:

  • High caustic environments: floor strippers, harsh cleaners, rust removers
  • High acid environments: metal plating baths, precision cleaning baths, metal passivation baths
  • Oxidizing environments: peroxide-based cleaners, chromic acid baths
  • High-salt environments: oilfield brine-foamers

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