Biobased Odor Absorber

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 Flexisorb OD-120ZnR is an anionic Zinc Ricinoleate product which can be used to produce odor binding sprays for air and textile surfaces.  It can be a stand-alone product or an additive to enhance the deodorizing effect for fabric and hard surface cleaning formulations.  Flexisorb OD-120ZnR is readily dilutable in DI water and maintains clarity.  This product is acceptable for spray and aerosol applications.

Biobased Content

Derived from castor oil, Flexisorb OD-120ZnR has 63% biobased content.

Traps and Absorbs Odors

Flexisorb OD-120ZnR traps and binds many odor-causing substances.  This zinc salt product forms unique fixating complexes that are specific to the odor-causing material.  The mechanism for the odor fixation is a complicated combination of adsorption, complex formation, and in some instances a chemical formation such as mercaptans to mercaptides.


This renewably sourced product is a concentrated chelate-free zinc salt dispersion which readily dilutes in water.  It maintains excellent clarity and solubility in water dilutions of 10-20%.  Volatile clarifying solvents are not required with Flexisorb OD-120ZnR.  Many fragrance and essential oils can be pre-dissolved in Flexisorb OD-120ZnR, and then easily dispersed in water.  This odor absorber effectively binds and neutralizes a wide range of odorous compounds.  It captures odors associated with humans, animals, food, chemical processes, and smoke as well as binding with organic waste and decomposition odors.  Flexisorb OD-120ZnR is also effective against smelly acids, amines, mercaptans, thiethers, hydrogen sulfide, and ammonia.

Formulation Guidance

  • Refer to the Flexisorb OD-120ZnR Technical Data Sheet for starting point formulation recommendations for a Ready-to-Use Odor Absorber
  • Order of Addition is very important
  • Use of deionized water is recommended for dilution
  • Dilutions of 10-20% in DI water are recommended for clear, stable solutions
  • Dilutions of <10% require stabilizers such as Flexisurf LDP & sodium citrate, and a pH of 9
  • Many fragrance and essential oils can be pre-dissolved in Flexisorb OD-120ZnR and then easily be dispersed in DI water, while some fragrance oils may require their own emulsification package
  • Addition of a preservative is recommended
  • Contact ICT regarding other formulation questions


  • Stand-alone odor control agent
  • Air spray to bind & neutralize odors
  • Fabric spray to bind & neutralize odors
  • Odor-binding additive for fabric cleaning formulations
  • Odor-binding additive for hard surface cleaning formulations
  • Bathroom and shower room cleaners
  • Cleaners for kitchen and food storage areas
  • Automotive, RV, and boat cleaning formulations
  • Litter and litter boxes
  • Sewage plants and landfills
  • Paper plants

For More Information or Samples, Contact ICT at or by calling 770-607-9340.

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