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Product Highlights

Flexisorb Odor Absorbers

Flexisorb Odor Absorbers trap and neutralize odors, and they are available in application optimized formulations.

Hard Surface Cleaning and Treatment

Products which can improve hard surface cleaners and protectors

Polymeric Foaming Agents for Alcohol Hand Sanitizers

DEA-free foaming agents optimized for foaming aqueous alcohol solutions produce a thick lather of fast-drying foam.

Odor Absorbers for Personal Care

ICT offers several zinc ricinoleate odor absorbers for personal care which trap and neutralize odors and have renewably sourced content.

Glycerin-containing Surfactant for Personal Care and Cleaning Products

Glycerin-containing, bio-based anionic surfactant for use in personal care and cleaning formulations.

Powerful After-Market Products for Carpet and Upholstery

Products which provide excellent cleaning properties, soil and stain resistance, oil and water repellency, and anti-redeposition for carpet and upholstery

Bio-based Surfactants

Amphoteric dipropionates, nonionic amine oxides, and sulfur-containing anionic surfactants for your formulations.

Fluorosurfactants for HI&I Applications

Fluorosurfactants which provide excellent surface tension reduction and surface wetting for Household, Industrial, & Institutional applications.

Odor Absorber Flexisorb OD-120ZnR

Bio-based Odor Neutralizing Ingredient

Fluorosurfactant Thetawet FS-8250

Very low foaming, VOC-free anionic Fluorosurfactant with excellent wetting and leveling

Improved Soil Suspension for Laundry and Dish Wash

Improves soil suspension and anti-redeposition in liquid laundry and dish formulations

Fluorosurfactant Thetawet FS-8050

Provides exceptional surface tension reduction and is VOC-free