Colloidal Silica

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Innovative Chemical Technologies, Inc. (ICT) is constructing a production unit for Specialty Colloidal Silica Sols at its Augusta, Georgia manufacturing facility.  Production will begin 3rd quarter 2021 with a production capacity up to 4000 dry tons of silica per year.  The Augusta colloidal silica production facility has been constructed so that it is readily expandable over the next three years in 2000 dry ton increments up to 12,000 dry tons of colloidal silica per year.  These Flexisil colloidal silica sol products will be available in numerous market segments including Paper uses, Catalyst Binders, Precision Investment Casting (PIC), Foundry/Refractory, Water Treatment, Paints and Coatings, Industrial Coatings and Architectural Coatings, Functional Coatings, Construction, Inorganic Binders, and other specialty uses.

What is Colloidal Silica?

Colloidal Silica consists of very small particles of amorphous silicon dioxide.  It has large surface area due to the numerous small particles.  These particles are usually electrically charged, so they can easily bind to one another or to other substances.  Colloidal Silica is safe for humans and the environment.

Important Parameters for Colloidal Silica Sols

There are several important parameters for colloidal silica sols:

  • Silica Content:  12 to 50%
  • Particle Diameter:  2 to 55 nm.
  • Surface Area:  60 to 950 sq.m./g.
  • Type
    • Sodium stabilized (anionic particles)
    • Ammonium stabilized (anionic particles)
    • Aluminate modified (anionic particles)
    • Silane modified (anionic particles)
    • Deionized modified (non-charged particles)
    • Chloride stabilized (cationic particles)

How Does Colloidal Silica Differ from Other Silica Compounds?

Colloidal Silica differs from other silica compounds in the following ways:

  • Discrete particles
  • Uniform particle size and shape
  • It is "in solution"
  • Uniform dispersion
  • Easy to handle
  • Good environmental profile
  • Contains lower sodium than silicates
  • Provides reproducible results

ICT Facilities

ICT has three manufacturing sites in Georgia and four R&D facilities with extensive analytical capabilities.  A quality lab is located at each manufacturing site.  Business operations are located in Cartersville, Georgia.  ICT has ISO 9001-2015 certification, and as a member of SOCMA, ICT is committed to the principles of ChemStewards.

For More Information, Contact ICT at or by calling 770-607-9340.

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