Foaming Hand Sanitizer

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ICT products Thetacare AFP-50 and Thetacare AFP-33 are DEA-free foaming agents for use in alcohol based hand sanitizer formulations.  Thetacare AFP-50 is recommended for use in ethanol based hand sanitizer and Thetacare AFP-33 is recommended for IPA based hand sanitizer.  A thick layer of stable and fast-drying foam is produced by these products which leaves the skin with a soft, clean, refreshing, and non-sticky feel.  These products are optimized for foaming alcohol solutions from both pressurized and non-pressurized dispensers.  They may not be aerosolized or atomized.  Thetacare AFP-50 and Thetacare AFP-33 are designated for use as a TSCA Exempt Cosmetic Ingredient only.

There are several important factors to consider when developing your foamable formulation of alcohol based hand sanitizer.

  • % Alcohol Content of your hand sanitizer formulation
    • The higher the % alcohol content, the more foaming agent is required
    • In general, for % alcohol content of 60-70%, use 4-8% of the Thetacare AFP-50 or Thetacare AFP-33
    • However, if other ingredients are added to the formulation, that can impact the quantity of foaming agent required for adequate foaming and formulation stability
  • Other Ingredients - these can impact the foamability and/or stability
    • Fragrance
    • Emollients
    • Do Not add alkyl foam boosting agents to your formulation, as they tend to destabilize the formulation and reduce foaming potential
    • Stabilizing agents actually tend to destabilize the formulation and reduce foaming potential
  • Order of Addition (this is critical for a stable formulation)
    • water
    • alcohol
    • Foaming agent (Thetacare AFP-50 or Thetacare AFP-33)
    • Fragrance - evaluate impact on foamability and stability
    • Emollients - evaluate impact on foamability and stability
  • Sufficient Agitation should be provided with each add
  • Pre-check your Formulation for Foamability and Stability
    • Check stability & foaming of the water + alcohol
    • Check stability & foaming of any additional ingredients one at a time in the water + alcohol
    • Then, check stability & foaming for the complete formulation

For More Information or Samples, Contact ICT at or by calling 770-607-9340.

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Additional Applications/Uses:

  • Foaming agent for personal care cleansers and conditioners
  • Cosmetic preparations utilizing alcohols or aliphatic polar solvent carriers