Improved Soil Suspension for Laundry & Dish Wash

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Flexisperse 184 is a detergent polymer which is an excellent additive for liquid laundry and automatic dish wash formulations.  Improved soil suspension and anti-redeposition of soil are key performance attributes.  This low foam product delivers faster and more efficient cleaning at lower temperatures and lower surfactant concentrations.  Better whiteness retention for laundry and reduced spotting for dish washing are resulting benefits.  Flexisperse 184 is clear, light in color, and water-soluble.  Refer to the Flexisperse 184 Technical Data Sheet for more information.  

Flexisperse 174 is an opaque detergent polymer which provides the same benefits as Flexisperse 184.

Additional Product Benefits:

  • Improves detergency of anionic surfactants, including in hard water
  • Compatible with high concentration surfactant formulations
  • Allows reduction of surfactant and builder actives in formulation
  • Replaces hydrotropes to increase nonionic surfactant cloud point
  • Exceptional hydrolytic stability (pH 7-13) and surfactant compatibility


  • Liquid laundry formulations
  • Automatic dish wash formulations
  • Hand dish wash formulations
  • All purpose cleaners
  • Shower and bath cleaners
  • Vehicle wash formulations

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