Non-F Repellents for Paper Products

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Flexipel 61 and Flexipel 50 are non-fluorinated water repellents & release agents for treatment of paper and paperboard, including food contact uses.  These products form a polymer film on the substrate upon drying.  They have a good rate of cure at room temperature.  During curing, an insoluble layer of the polymerized complex chemically bonds to available polar groups on the substrate surface and provides high durability.  Flexipel 61 and Flexipel 50 are solutions (in isopropanol) of a water-soluble organometallic fatty acid ester.  Flexipel 61 is a higher solids product.  

  • Properties and Benefits
    • Water repellency
    • Release properties
    • Increased chemical resistance
    • Resistance to aqueous stains
    • Wet strength of paper may increase slightly
    • Does not affect substrate appearance
    • Improved grease resistance, when used with aqueous polymer systems
    • FDA compliances (refer to the Technical Data Sheets)
    • Kosher approved
  • Applications
    • Paper and paperboard, including recycled and bleached
    • Frozen food containers, ice bags
    • Meat wrapping papers, potato bags
    • Anti-blocking sheets and release papers for high pressure laminates
    • Food separators and pan liners
    • Release coating for water-based adhesives
    • Water repellent disposables, such as paper/scrim laminated, for high hydrostatic resistance

Flexisorb SFS-54 is a non-VOC stabilizer which may be used in combination with Flexipel 61 or Flexipel 50 for treatment of paper products.

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