Water-based Degreaser for Cleaning Products

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Flexiwet WBD water-based degreaser is nonionic, high foaming, and provides rapid dynamic wetting along with surface tension reduction to 27 dynes/cm.  This surfactant is non-VOC, phosphate-free, non-APEO, readily biodegradable, and has low aquatic toxicity.  

Flexiwet WBD delivers powerful wetting and detergent properties for your cleaning applications such as HI&I Hard Surface cleaners and Transportation cleaners.  This optimized surfactant blend provides several important properties and benefits.  Flexiwet WBD can be used stand-alone or in cleaning formulations.

  • Properties and Benefits
    • Provides both low static and dynamic surface tension
    • pH neutral
    • Can be used in acidic, neutral, alkaline, and peroxide formulations
    • Rapid emulsification and soil penetration for ease of grease & soil removal
    • Combines well with chelating agents and builders
    • Water-soluble
    • Can be used in many alcohol and glycol systems
    • Low odor
  • Applications
    • Degreaser
    • HI&I Cleaners for hard surfaces
    • Transportation Cleaners (automobiles, RVs, trucks, aircraft, marine)
    • Auto pre-soaks
    • Spot Cleaners
    • Can be combined with Thetaguard HS-3030 for stone cleaners (refer to the formulation on the TDS)

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