Advanced Carpet Cleaning Products

Innovative Chemical Technologies (ICT) introduces Flexiclean CC-560G, an economical way to improve carpet cleaning formulations. Flexiclean CC-560G has evolved from the cumulative efforts of our in house development staff that has more than 50 years of combined experience in carpet chemicals.

Flexiclean CC-560G is the product of choice for your carpet and upholstery cleaner formulating needs. Flexiclean CC-560G, coupled with Flexisperse 220 dispersant polymer technology, creates a unique synergy that meets the many challenges facing today’s formulator. These products are based on the most advanced stain blocking and soil resistant polymer technology ever devised.

Flexiclean CC-560G and Flexisperse 220 formulations can eliminate NPE’s, are VOC-free, and contain no phosphates or traditional chelants. The Flexiclean CC-560G and Flexisperse 220 combination provides powerful cleaning properties, encapsulation of tacky residues, dry and oily soil release, soil retardation, and stain resistance. These products are excellent for use on carpet, rugs and upholstery fabrics. Formulations will meet the stringent guidelines of the Carpet and Rug Institute's Seal of Approval program for spot, prespray, traffic lane, low moisture, foam, bonnet and extraction cleaners.

As green cleaning products continue to gain momentum, Flexiclean CC-560G and Flexisperse 220 formulations will meet your evolving needs. Both ingredients have been used as components in formulated finished products which have been certified via the Green Seal GS-37 and the EPA DfE initiatives.

At ICT, we welcome the chance to work with you and value your interest in our raw materials. We strive to provide advancements that help your finished products stand out from competition. Please contact us today to get started, our technical department is happy to provide assistance.