Improved Soil Suspension for Laundry and Dish Wash

Improved Soil Suspension and Anti-Redeposition

Flexisperse 184 is an excellent additive for liquid laundry and automatic dish formulations to improve soil suspension and anti-redeposition.  The product also reduces spotting for automatic dish wash.


  • Hydrophobically-modified water-soluble detergent polymer
  • Provides faster and more efficient cleaning at lower temperatures and lower surfactant concentration
  • Improves soil suspension and anti-redeposition for whiteness retention in laundry and reduced spotting for dish washing
  • Increases dissolution rate of both anionic and nonionic surfactants
  • Improves detergency of anionic surfactants including in hard water
  • Replaces hydrotropes to increase nonionic surfactant cloud point
  • Allows reduction of surfactant and builder actives in formulation
  • Exceptional hydrolytic stability (pH 7-13) and surfactant compatibility
  • Low foam
  • Clear and light in color


  • Liquid laundry and automatic dish formulations
  • Hand dish wash
  • All-purpose cleaners
  • Shower and bath cleaners
  • Vehicle wash formulations

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