Powerful After-Market Products for Carpet and Upholstery

ICT offers a wide range of products for Carpet and Upholstery After-Market which includes cleaning products, repellents and protectors, as well as soil and stain resists.

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Flexiclean CC-560G and Flexiclean CC-630 provide outstanding benefits for after-market carpet and upholstery cleaning formulations.

  • Enhanced dry soil removal during vacuuming
  • No sticky residue after cleaning
  • Ultra-low VOC
  • Renewably sourced content
  • Have been used as components in formulations certified by Green Seal GS-37, EPA Design for the Environment, and Carpet and Rug Institute Seal of Approval

Applications for Flexiclean CC-560G and Flexiclean CC-630 include:

  • Carpet and Upholstery Cleaners, commercial and retail use
  • Application techniques may include Extraction, Pre-Spray, Traffic Lane, Spotter, Low Moisture, and Bonnet buff
  • Automotive carpet and upholstery cleaners
  • Flexiclean CC-630 is optimized for use in peroxide and acid cleaning formulations
  • Flexiclean CC-560G is designed for use in encapsulating cleaning formulations

Thetaguard AM-2040 and AM-2030 Protectors deliver soil resistance and repellency with ambient cure.

Thetaguard AM-2040 is an anionic, partially fluorinated protector which imparts durable soil resistance, oil & water repellency, and stain resistance.  Designed for use on carpet and upholstery.

Thetaguard AM-2030 is a cationic, partially fluorinated repellent protector for carpet and upholstery.  Excellent soil and stain protection as well as oil & water repellency.

Flexisperse 305 and Flexisperse 318 are anionic encapsulating dispersant polymers which provide stain resistance and dry soil resistance for carpet care products.

Flexisperse 305 is a sodium salt.  Flexisperse 318 is an ammonium salt.