Bio-based Surfactants

Renewably Sourced Surfactants

ICT offers a portfolio of bio-based surfactants for your formulations.

Amphoteric Dipropionates

Flexisurf LDP is an efficient hydrotrope for coupling nonionic surfactants in strong electrolyte and high alkaline systems.  The INCI name is Sodium Lauriminodipropionate.  Benefits for this coconut oil based surfactant include foaming, wetting, cleansing, and solubilizing.  Applications include HI&I cleaners, personal care, and oil field.

Flexiclean AMP-FB was developed for use in cleaning products.  This high foaming detergent provides solubilizing and emulsifying properties.  It also compatibilizes surfactants in high electrolyte formulations.  Uses include concentrated liquid detergents, hard surface & transportation cleaners, and oil field.

Nonionic Amine Oxides

Flexisurf LO-30 is a coconut oil based surfactant which contributes exceptional detergency, grease cutting, and solubilizing benefits.  The product foams and it is a Lauryl Dimethylamine Oxide.  Flexisurf LO-30 is a FIFRA-inert ingredient in non-food pesticides.  Uses include HI&I cleaners, personal care, and textile processing.

Flexisurf MCO-30 provides viscosity build for surface cling.  This surfactant is high foaming and coconut oil based.  Surface tension reduction to 33 dynes/cm can be achieved by this Myristyl/Cetyl Dimethylamine Oxide surfactant.  It is stable in hypochlorite and peroxide formulations, and it is an excellent degreaser.  Applications include household & industrial cleaners, personal care, and textile processing.

Sulfur-containing Anionic

Flexisurf SS-40E is a mild surfactant which reduces eye & skin irritation for use in hand dishwash, personal care, and soft surface cleaners.  The product is readily biodegradable, sulfate-free, and provides excellent foaming.


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