ICT diversifies product offerings with new and unique Flexisperse polymers

ICT’s Flexisperse polymers provide a comprehensive range of high performance, water-soluble polymers for the cleaning products, water treatment, oilfield, and inorganic pigment industries.   Through the mechanisms of threshold inhibition, crystal modification and dispersion, Flexisperse polymers function as co-builders and anti-redeposition agents in cleaning products and as antiscalant agents in a variety of industrial water treatment applications.  Flexisperse dispersant polymers are widely used as deflocculating agents in oilfield drilling and production applications and to disperse and stabilize high solids slurries of a variety of inorganic pigments including kaolin clay, calcium carbonate, titanium dioxide, and iron oxides.

Flexisperse polymers improve the performance of detergent and cleaning formulations by sequestering hardness ions, even in the poorest of water conditions, to allow other components in the formulation to clean more effectively.  Additionally, even at low levels, Flexisperse polymers reduce encrustation, improve soil removal, and prevent soil redeposition on the cleaned garments. They also are added as phosphate and chelate replacements in formulations that through third parties have been certified by EPA Design for the Environment, Green Seal and Eco Logo.  In water treatment applications, Flexisperse polymers at concentrations below stoichiometric dosage levels, work as antiscalants to retard the formation of insoluble carbonate, sulfate, and phosphate scales on the heat exchange surfaces of cooling towers and boilers.  The strong dispersing properties of these anionic polymers create the ability to disperse inorganic pigments and to stabilize slurries of up to 65% solids for an extended period of time.  Flexisperse polymers are widely used in oilfield drilling applications to allow for the effective movement of “cuttings” and to increase the productivity of the drilling operation.

ICT has developed an extensive line of high performance homopolymer and copolymer technologies to meet the challenges of a wide variety of end use applications and water conditions, including high water hardness, varying thermal conditions, high water alkalinity, and high electrolyte environments. These solution polymer technologies are generally available in both acid and neutralized versions with a number of these polymers also available in a spray dried form.  Through their polymeric structure and chemical nature, Flexisperse polymers bring exciting, unique functional properties to the formulator. The Flexisperse line of hydrophobically modified polymers have proved critical in performance specific enhancements not possible with traditional dispersant technologies and are specifically designed to provide enhanced performance and compatibility in the presence of surfactants in concentrated liquid laundry, paints and coatings, and leather treatment applications.

ICT is proud to be your go to source for unique and innovative surface modification technology.  Innovation, applied intelligently, is the keystone of everything we do.  Contact ICT to get better acquainted with the full line of Flexisperse high performance offerings.

The ICT team prides itself on its technical and synthesis capabilities, knowledge of formulary science and timely responsiveness.   We are here to help with all of your polymer needs. We encourage the research chemist to contact us directly or work with a local ICT representative to facilitate the incorporation of these value added, unique materials into your formulary.