Flexicid ARS-70

Product Overview

Flexicid ARS-70 is a strong acid which can be used to replace sulfuric acid in certain applications such as pH adjustment of industrial process treatment baths, alkaline waste stream neutralizations, and acid for paper-making processes. The product has very low corrosivity, no heat of dilution, and it is non-fuming.  This product contains a corrosion inhibitor.


  • pH adjustment of industrial process treatment baths
  • Acid for paper-making processes
  • Alkaline waste stream neutralizations
  • Acidic hard surface cleaners
  • Bathroom, toilet bowl, tub and tile cleaners
  • Economical and efficient pH adjustment
  • Low pH solubilizer
  • Concrete and masonry preparation
  • Efflorescence remover
  • Scale removal
  • Ammonia neutralizer for livestock and poultry wastes