Product Overview

Partially neutralized, 3000 molecular weight, sodium polyacrylate polymer designed for use as a scale inhibitor and dispersant.  Used to inhibit precipitation of CaCO3, CaSO4, and other low solubility mineral salts on heat exchange surfaces of cooling towers and boilers.  Also used in oil field applications.


  • Industrial water treatment as a general purpose Anti-scalant and Dispersant
  • Oil field scale inhibitor for preventing scale in well formation and production equipment
  • Oil field drilling deflocculant, particularly in fresh water drilling muds
  • Textile sour additive for dyeing and finishing of textiles
  • General purpose dispersing agent that allows stable, high solids slurries for minerals, clays, inorganic pigments and fillers including CaCo3 and TiO2
  • Additive/dispersant for the paper industry


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