Flexisperse HQ-30

Product Overview

Cationic dispersant and surface modification polymer used for oil & gas production systems, water treatment, and hard surface cleaners and protectors.  Compatible with cationic and nonionic systems.


  • Oil and gas production systems
    • Sulfide scale dispersants
    • Emulsion and dispersion stabilizer
    • Clay stabilizing agent
    • Foamed gel systems for fracturing
  • Waste water treatment
    • Sludge dewatering
    • Coagulation settling
    • Flotation processes
  • Papermaking
    • Strength additives
    • Flocculants
    • Retention aids
  • Paper finishing
    • High conductivity,fixation of inkjet inks
    • Cationic antistatic agent
    • Polymeric setting agent
  • Printing aid to enhance definition
  • Emulsion and dispersion stabilizer
  • Mold resistant cationic / nonionic hard surface cleaners and protectors
  • Dispersant for car wash formulations