Flexisurf X-5

Product Overview

Multifunctional nonionic surfactant for use in solvent-free and low VOC cleaners and degreasers as a replacement for alkylphenol ethoxylates.  Readily breaks up greasy particulate soils and rinses freely for hard surface cleaning products.  Fast wetting grease cutter and foam booster.


  • HI&I hard surface cleaners
  • Concentrated liquid, high foaming formulations (acid or alkaline)
  • Fine fabric detergents
  • Spray & wipe cleaners
  • Ready-to-use hard surface cleaning wipes
  • Carpet spot removers
  • Textile applications
    • lubricant
    • emulsifier
    • wetting agent
    • dye dispersant
  • Car and truck touchless vehicle wash
  • Soak and pre-soak formulations