React-Rite ZDBCX

Product Overview

React-Rite ZDBCX is an activated dithiocarbamate which is a very fast primary or secondary accelerator for natural and synthetic rubbers, and a very rapid accelerator for NR and SBR latexes.  The product is provided in liquid form and is readily emulsifiable.

React-Rite ZDBCX has strong synergy with React-Rite ZIPX to vulcanize rubbers at room temperature.  This product has good solubility with polymers, and does not require zinc oxide to be effective.

Dibutyl structure substantially reduces nitrosation potential when used as an accelerator in the production of rubber for use in food-contact during nitrate curing processes, being compliant under BfR Recommendation XXI, Category 4.



  • Fast primary or secondary accelerator for natural and synthetic rubbers
  • Booster for thiazoles
  • Used in natural rubber and SBR for dry mixes, cements, proofings, and latex
  • Used for preparation of transparent and translucent articles from latex and dry rubber
  • Secondary preservative for low-ammonia natural rubber latex