Fluorinated Surfactants

Fluorosurfactants are designed to deliver high performance for surface wetting, leveling, gloss development, surface modification, and use in extreme environments.  The exceptional efficiency of fluorosurfactants allows low use levels and lower cost in use than alternative options.


Anionic Fluorosurfactants

Flexiwet NF

Low foam, anionic fluorosurfactant with exceptional wetting properties and excellent chemical and thermal stability. Excellent wetting agent for cleaners which enhances soil resistance.

Flexiwet NF-80

Highly concentrated form (semi-solid paste) of Flexiwet NF low-foaming anionic fluorosurfactant. Exceptional wetting properties and excellent chemical and thermal stability.

Thetawet FS-8020DB

Moderate foaming, anionic fluorosurfactant which contains a low vapor pressure solvent, and is ideal for use in low VOC applications.

Thetawet FS-8020EB

A popular choice in coatings and finishes due to low foam profile and tolerance to mineral-based fillers, such as CaCO3.

Thetawet FS-8200

Low-melting, waxy solid (100% active) anionic fluorosurfactant (un-neutralized, free acid form) for use in non-aqueous (polar organic) solvent or solvent-free (solid) formulations.

Thetawet FS-8235

Low foaming, anionic fluorosurfactant which imparts block resistance and release properties. Provides excellent wetting and improves open-time for latex paint formulas.

Thetawet FS-8250

VOC-free, very low foaming, anionic fluorosurfactant which provides anti-blocking in paints and release properties to adhesives. Excellent wetting and leveling agent.

Thetawet FS-8388

Thetawet FS-8388 is an anionic Fluorosurfactant in a low viscosity aqueous solution which is high foaming, with stable foam. 100% VOC-free and non-APEO containing. Soluble in water and a range of organic solvents.