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Thetawet Fluorosurfactants

ICT provides a wide range of Thetawet Fluorosurfactants to deliver multiple benefits which can improve the performance of your coatings and formulations.  Many of the Thetawet Fluorosurfactants allow for reduction or elimination of VOC in coatings formulations.  Fluorosurfactants are a class of specialty surfactants developed for use in applications where traditional hydrocarbon surfactants can't deliver the required level of performance, such as:

  • Wetting for low energy surfaces

    Fluorosurfactants are the most effective and efficient means to reduce the surface tension of aqueous coatings systems to < 20 dynes/cm and enable wetting of low energy surfaces.   Hydrocarbon surfactants typically reduce the surface tension to 30-35 dynes/cm.

  • Leveling

    Smoother, more reflective surfaces can be achieved by using fluorosurfactant to improve leveling performance. 

  • Penetration

    Improved penetration combined with the low energy wetting capabilities of fluorosurfactants can significantly boost the performance of cleaning products including floor and automotive polishes. 

  • Chemical or Thermal Stability in harsh environments

    Unlike traditional hydrocarbon surfactants, fluorosurfactants provide chemical and thermal stability to perform in harsh environments.

    • High caustic environments such as for floor strippers, harsh cleaners, rust removers

    • High acid environments such as metal plating baths, precision cleaning baths, metal passivation baths

    • Oxidizing environments such as peroxide-based cleaners, chromic acid baths 

  • Very Low Use Levels for most cost-effective performance

    Fluorosurfactants perform at very low use levels to deliver the most efficient and cost-effective solutions.

    Due to the low use levels, impact on formulation stability or benefits can be minimized versus traditional hydrocarbon surfactants.

  • Uniformity and Reduction in Surface Defects

    Uniformity of coatings can be improved with use of fluorosurfactants as well as reducing surface defects.

    Better uniformity of coverage for super-thin coatings such as industrial “flash-rust” primers can be achieved.

    Use of fluorosurfactants can assist with elimination of defects, such as for coatings of oil-contaminated surfaces.

  • Foam generation

    ICT Thetawet fluorosurfactants are available with a range of low foam to high foam characteristics.

  • Improvements in open-time and anti-blocking

    For paints and coatings, open-time extension and block resistance are additional benefits for use of fluorosurfactants.


Thetawet Product Line

ICT provides a broad range of Thetawet Fluorosurfactants to deliver maximum performance and efficiency for coatings and formulations.

Product Name        
Thetawet Ionic Type Form % Solids Diluent
FS-8000 Nonionic Solid, mp<55 C⁰ 100 None
FS-8050 Nonionic Liquid 50 Water
FS-8020DB Anionic Liquid 30 Water/glycol ether DB
FS-8020EB Anionic Liquid 30 Water/glycol ether EB
FS-8100 Nonionic Turbid Liquid 100 None
FS-8150 Nonionic Turbid Liquid 25 Water
FS-8200 Anionic Solid, mp<55 C⁰ 100 None
FS-8250 Anionic Turbid Liquid 28 Water
FS-8388 Anionic Liquid 40 Water
FS-8400 Amphoteric Liquid 20 Water/glycol ether DB


Thetawet Foaming Properties

Thetawet Fluorosurfactants find use in applications ranging from Oil Field brine foaming to controlled foam clean-in-place systems.  The chart below provides foaming information for the Thetawet surfactants.

Ross-Miles Foam Test (ASTM D1173-53)      
mm foam ht. @25⁰C, 0.1% actives in water      
    Foam Height  
Thetawet Initial foam ht. after 3 min. after 10 min.
FS-8250 12 8 6
FS-8020EB 22 20 20
FS-8100 65 57 55
FS-8150 65 57 55
FS-8020DB 86 72 70
FS-8000 185 160 155
FS-8050 185 160 155
FS-8388 324 292 289
FS-8400 65 57 54
FS-8200 Insoluble    


Thetawet Fluorosurfactant Uses

Fluorosurfactants provide performance benefits for many areas of use:

  • Paints and Coatings
  • Industrial Cleaners
  • Oil field and Mining
  • Other


Additional Information

Surface Tension data, as well as Specific Application and Use Guidance is provided in the ICT Thetawet Fluorosurfactant brochure.

For more information, or to request a sample, Contact ICT.