Textiles and Leather

Care and protection formulations for textile and leather surfaces benefit from ICT products which are excellent components for laundry & cleaning products as well as for protection products to bring properties such as oil, water and alcohol repellency, soil release, and stain protection.


Soft Surface Repellents and Protectors

Flexipel HR-A200

Nonfluorinated Water Repellent and Soil Resist for carpet and fabric substrates. Non-VOC, anionic aqueous polymer emulsion. Heat cure is recommended.

Flexipel HR-A325

Nonfluorinated, Anionic Water Repellent for treatment of textile and nonwoven substrates. This product is an aqueous polymer emulsion. Applied with heat cure.

Flexipel HR-C200

Nonfluorinated Water Repellent for treatment of textile substrates. Cationic aqueous polymer emulsion. Non-VOC.

Flexipel HR-C410

Nonfluorinated water repellent for treatment of textile & nonwoven substrates.

Flexipel HR-N205

Flexipel HR-N205 is a nonfluorinated, nonionic water repellent for treatment of textile and nonwoven substrates. This product is an aqueous polymer emulsion which is applied with heat cure.

Thetapel AM-5012

Solvent-based repellent treatment which imparts oil and water repellency at ambient cure temperatures. Colorless and near odorless. Provides easy-to-clean surfaces.

Thetapel AM-5025

Solvent-based repellent treatment which is colorless and near odorless. Cures at ambient temperatures and provides oil & water repellency.

Thetapel AM-5035

Fast drying, solvent-based repellent for textiles, leather, and stone surfaces. Ambient cure product.

Thetapel AM-5037

Durable Water Repellent finish for fabrics. Can be used for After-Market as well as Mill Applications.

Thetapel FC-4030

Cationic oil and water repellent for mill-applied textile applications. Water-dispersible product with exceptional oil and water repellency, as well as spray rating.

Thetapel FC-4040

Mildly cationic repellent and protector for synthetic textiles and polyester/cotton blends. Suitable for use with cross-linkers to achieve extended wash durability.