Household, Industrial, & Institutional

Improve your HI&I formulations with a wide range of options including surfactants, specialty polymers, odor control, and more.


Hard Surface Cleaners

Flexibrite TM-300

Non-VOC, water-based dispersant polymer for Daily Shower Cleaners. Contributes to products which provide treated surfaces to resist soap scum, body oils, and hard water spotting.

Flexiclean CWR

Alkaline detergent specifically designed to aid removal of Flexisperse CW-40 temporary coating from surfaces.

Flexiclean HWCC

Dilutable cleaning concentrate for finished wood floors, furniture, and cabinets. Gentle cleaning power with a biodegradable and phosphate-free formula.

Flexiclean SS-100

Concentrated aqueous emulsion used to impart high gloss to vinyl, rubber, and other surfaces. Used automotive interiors and exteriors, shoe care products, and furniture polishes.

Flexipel Q-1000

A concentrated, polar solvent-based, reactive silane which dissolves in water and solvents to produce a range of surface modification products.

Flexipel Q-50

An aqueous, water stable, reactive silane which readily dissolves in water to produce a range of benefits including antistatic, lubricity, water repellency, and scratch resistance.

Flexipel SR-80

Aqueous polymer used to impart a hydrophilic and easy clean surface which resists soap scum build-up, hard water deposits, and oily soil. Provides spot-free drying and anti-fogging benefits.

Flexipel SR-95HF

Functionalized dispersant polymer used to impart a durable barrier layer to hard surfaces which resists soap scum, oily soil, and hard water deposits. Also provides haze-free benefits.

Flexishine CP-100

Water-dilutable, concentrated surfactant and fine oil emulsion used to create a one-step cleaner/polish/protector for stainless steel appliances.

Flexisurf EHDP

Versatile salt-free amphoteric surfactant (sodium octyliminodipropionate) which compatibilizes nonionic surfactants in high electrolyte formulations while contributing detergency with low foam.

Flexisurf LRS

Anionic detergent system used to produce low VOC, non-flammable, DOT non-regulated glass and surface cleaners. Provides streak-free cleaning.

Flexiwet WBD

Non-VOC, water-based degreaser which provides powerful wetting and detergent properties in hard surface cleaner formulations. Flexiwet WBD nonionic surfactant is phosphate-free and APEO-free.

Thetawet FS-8388

Thetawet FS-8388 is an anionic Fluorosurfactant in a low viscosity aqueous solution which is high foaming, with stable foam. 100% VOC-free and non-APEO containing. Soluble in water and a range of organic solvents.

Renewably Sourced Surfactants

Flexiclean AMP-FB

Renewably sourced, high foaming amphoteric detergent for use in cleaning products. Compatibilizes surfactants in high electrolyte formulations.

Flexisurf COS-37

This versatile, renewably sourced anionic surfactant (potassium cocoate) is used in personal care and cleaning formulations. The product contains glycerin for benefits in personal care and is readily biodegradable.

Flexisurf DDO-30

Versatile, renewably sourced, nonionic surfactant (dodecyl dimethylamine oxide) that contributes foaming, excellent solubilizing properties, cleansing, and ease of formulating clear solutions.

Flexisurf LDP

Renewably sourced, amphoteric surfactant (lauriminodipropionate) which contributes foaming, wetting, cleansing, and solubilizing benefits.

Flexisurf LO-30

Renewably sourced, coconut oil-based, nonionic surfactant which contributes foaming, wetting, cleansing, and solubilizing benefits. This surfactant is lauryl dimethylamine oxide.

Flexisurf MCO-30

Nonionic, renewably sourced, coconut oil-based surfactant which contributes a thickening effect along with surfactancy to improve the surface cling for cleaning formulations. This surfactant is C12-C18 alkyldimethyl amine N-oxides (myristyl/cetyl).

Flexisurf SS-40E

Anionic surfactant (disodium laureth sulfosuccinate) which is renewably sourced and provides excellent foaming properties. Mild surfactant which reduces eye and skin irritation in formulations such as hand dishwash detergent, liquid laundry, and shampoo. Sulfate-free.